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Our attorneys have handled a wide variety of criminal cases ranging from major violent felonies to minor traffic cases. Our attorneys also have experience in a wide variety of family law issues and protective orders. As experienced litigators, we believe individuals are in the best position to determine what is in their family’s best interest.

Serving Stillwater, the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota.
Criminal Defense in Hugo, Minnesota

Criminal Defense

The Law Offices of Samuel E. Surface, Ltd. & Rebecca A. Waxse are dedicated to providing strategic and rigorous criminal defense representation, safeguarding our clients' rights and interests through meticulous legal advocacy for the possible outcomes.
Family Law Hugo Minnesota

Family Law

The Law Offices of Samuel E. Surface, Ltd. & Rebecca A. Waxse specialize in family law, guiding clients through sensitive matters such as divorce, child custody, and spousal support with personalized legal counsel and compassionate support.
Protective Orders

Protective Orders

The Law Offices of Samuel E. Surface, Ltd. & Rebecca A. Waxse are committed to assisting clients with protective orders by navigating the legal complexities, advocating for their safety, and obtaining court-issued orders to shield them from harassment or harm.

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We live and work in Stillwater. We can best represent you here.

The Law Offices of Samuel E. Surface, Ltd. & Rebecca A. Waxse each serve all counties of the Twin Cities Metro Area and greater Minnesota, but they both know and love Stillwater. Sam grew up here, we each live and work in the community, and we have each been very plugged in with the Washington County legal system for the better part of two decades. Both of us know the judges, the clerks, the prosecutors and even law enforcement, as well as anyone.

Don’t settle for just any attorney who puts ‘Stillwater’ in their website. Don’t settle for lawyers who rent cheap office space out here for appearances while actually working in Minneapolis. If you want attorneys who know the area and truly know the people who will affect your case and your life, then reach out to Sam or Rebecca. You won’t regret it.

Sam focuses on criminal defense, civil litigation such as protective orders and probate, and family law. Rebecca focuses on criminal defense, with a unique focus on DNA defense cases, and family law. Both Sam and Rebecca excel at providing top quality legal services to meet our clients’ needs. We offer personalized attention and effective representation, guiding you through legal challenges with professionalism and dedication.

Initial consultations are always free of charge. Contact the Law Offices of Samuel E. Surface, & Rebecca A. Waxse today.

We Address All Your Concerns

We are here to help. Our attorneys can answer your questions and offer straightforward guidance regarding your concerns.
What Factors Can Influence Child Custody Decisions In May Case?

We can address this question by providing comprehensive guidance on the various factors that influence child custody decisions, including considerations such as the child’s best interests, parental fitness, stability, and the ability to meet the child’s physical and emotional needs. Our firm will work closely with you to assess your unique situation, gather relevant evidence, and formulate a strategic plan to present a compelling case in court. We’ll also offer support and legal counsel throughout the divorce proceedings to help ensure the well-being and stability of your children are prioritized in the legal process.

How Can I Obtain A Protective Order?

We can assist you in obtaining a protective order by guiding you through the legal process, helping you understand the eligibility criteria, and providing the necessary documentation and representation to present a compelling case in court, ensuring your safety and well-being are prioritized.

Why Do I Need A Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney is essential to protect your rights, provide expert legal guidance, and ensure a fair trial when you’re facing criminal charges. They help navigate the legal system, build a strong defense, and work to minimize penalties or negotiate plea deals. Whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony, a defense attorney is your advocate.

What Penalties Should I Expect?

Criminal defense case penalties differ based on charges. They typically involve fines, probation, jail or prison terms, restitution, and community service. Probation violations can lead to more penalties. A permanent criminal record may impact employment and housing. Skilled criminal defense attorneys can help minimize these consequences and tailor a defense strategy.

Should I Plead Guilty?

Deciding whether to plead guilty in a criminal case is a crucial decision that hinges on factors like the case details, evidence strength, legal rights, and potential consequences. Consulting a skilled criminal defense attorney is vital for understanding your options and making an informed decision.

What Will Happen If I'm Convicted?

A conviction in a criminal case may result in fines, probation, jail or prison time, restitution to victims, and a permanent criminal record. It can affect your employment, housing, and professional licenses. Outcomes depend on the charges and jurisdiction, and a skilled attorney can work to minimize the impact.

Driving Under the Influence

Our attorneys specialize in DUI cases, offering a wealth of legal expertise and a strong commitment to defending our clients.

Possession of Illegal Substances

If you have been charged with a drug crime, you could be facing significant penalties, especially if you’ve been convicted in the past.

Robbery & Burglary Steals

Our attorneys work tirelessly to protect all rights when they stand accused of stealing or destroying other people's property and estate.

Felonies & Misdemeanors

If you are under investigation in a federal crime or have already been charged, your future and freedom may be in jeopardy, but we can help.

Custody and Child Support

Our attorneys specialize in custody and child support cases, offering expert legal guidance. They work diligently to protect parental rights.

Divorce and Orders of Protection

Our attorneys are experts in divorce and orders of protection, offering dedicated legal guidance. We specialize in family law and fair outcomes.

Sex Crimes and Assault

Our attorneys are experts in sex crime cases, offering dedicated legal support. They have a profound understanding of the legal intricacies involved.

Probate Litigation Process

Our attorneys are experts in probate litigation process: contested wills, asset distribution disagreements, estate management, and claims.

We invite you to give us the opportunity to address your case and the possible solutions even if you do not end up retaining us. We ask you to choose the right lawyer. Whether that is us or someone else is irrelevant.

Rebecca Waxse


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Our Fight.

If you are confronted with criminal charges, it's essential to secure competent representation without delay. This includes both during the pretrial phase and in the courtroom. At the Law Offices of Samuel E. Surface, Ltd. & Rebecca A. Waxse, our criminal defense attorneys dedicate their full focus and expertise to your case, guaranteeing your fair treatment within the justice system.

Meet Our Attorneys


Sam Surface

Sam is a born and raised resident of Washington County. He started his legal career for the Honorable Kenneth J. Maas at the Stillwater courthouse and followed that up working for a local Stillwater law firm.

Rebecca Waxse

Rebecca A. Waxse, a dedicated Minnesota attorney with a strong legal background, excels in criminal, family, and juvenile law, prioritizing her clients' rights and their family's best interests.
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Your first choice for criminal law.
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Protecting your rights in court.

"Rebecca is a great attorney she is knowledgeable and will put up a fight for what is right. She won my girlfriends case and got everything dismissed!!!!"

Jose W., former client of Rebecca Waxse


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